Silver Spitfire Documentary to air on Sky History


The 90-minute documentary, SILVER SPITFIRE: THE LONGEST FLIGHT is directed by Benjamin Uttley, produced by Stamp Productions and Red Bull Studios, and has been acquired by Sky HISTORY.

SILVER SPITFIRE: THE LONGEST FLIGHT is a feature-length documentary following a British expeditionary team’s attempt at the world’s first circumnavigation of the Earth in an 80-year-old Spitfire fighter plane, a test of human and mechanical endurance, considered by many to be impossible.

The expedition set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by a single-seat, single-engine piston aircraft (see Editor’s Notes). This remarkable odyssey has been dubbed by Tom Cruise as ‘a pilot’s Everest’ in a personal letter written to pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks. Taking viewers inside one of the most iconic and loved aircrafts ever built, pilots Matt Jones, Steve Brooks, and Ian Smith MBE embark on a daring four-month odyssey, taking off from the historic Goodwood Aerodrome on 5th August 2019, spanning 26 countries and flying 46,000 kilometres – learning lessons about themselves, their home and the fragility of the borders that define our planet.

With a stunning full orchestral score recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and featuring music by White Lies and Lily Budiasa, the film immerses viewers in the world with breathtaking aerial vistas. Chasing the sun westward from Europe to North America, Russia, Asia, Arabia, and back again, these incredible settings form the backdrop for the Silver Spitfire as it roars around the world. The film won the Audience Award at the Chichester International Film Festival, Outstanding achievement at the Impact Doc Awards, and Official Selection at MANIFF [Manchester International Film Festival].

SILVER SPITFIRE: THE LONGEST FLIGHT is produced by Benjamin Uttley for Stamp Productions, and executive produced by Martyn Black for Stamp Productions and Bernadette McDaid and Dominique Cutts for Red Bull Studios.